Costume Distribution

K-PAYA Secret Persona Distribution Schedule
Miami Carnival 2022

Kaitava (The Rebel)
Monday October 3rd, 4pm – 9pm

Kalista (The Diva)
Tuesday October 4th, 4pm – 9pm

Kassandra (The Dominatrix) & Kailene (The Innocence)
Wednesday October 5th, 4pm – 10pm

Kaleva (The Hero)
Thursday October 6th, 2pm – 10pm

All Sections
Friday October 7th, 12pm – 12am

Appointment Only for Costume Pick Up (email
& Costume Resale
Saturday October 8th, 5pm – 7pm

*Absolutely No Costume Pick Up On Day Of Event Sunday October 9th*

Distribution Center
331 Nw 23rd Street
Miami Fl 33127
(Next To Shots)

To give consent for someone to Pick Up On Your Behalf:
• Login Into Your Account
• Select the Order
• Click Pick Up
• Fill out consent form

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